Top 7 Tips for Getting Your Executive Job Offer

Top 7 Tips for Getting Your Executive Job Offer

Executive Job Search is different than an entry-level job search. To attain the right executive job offer, you need the right strategy, and we have compiled 7 tips that would help you with this.

1) You must be clear about the ideal Next Position:
It would be best if you took some time to think about what made you want to change your current job; salary, responsibility, location, travel, or something else.
Before taking on the next offer, you must precisely understand what you want in your next role; only then can you correctly decide what position in which company to apply for.

2) Creating a plan for your executive job search:
Now that you know what exactly you are searching for, it’s time to do the steps that’d get you the desired executive job offer.
You can use the following ways to help you:
*Connect, Search & follow up with people in your network.
*Perform Online Research to land the job securely and know the company; thorough research is required.
*Searching for jobs on Job Boards like TopD Staffing can help you in knowing current open positions.
*Updating resume
*Research the commonly asked questions to get a better understanding of what questions to expect.
3) Make sure your resume highlights your skills & qualities:
Keeping the resume up-to-date is one thing, but making sure it is easy to read, and the format is simple, elegant & to the point.
Research has shown that executive-level candidates have found higher success using a more conservative resume format.
4) Clean Social Media Profiles:
Potential employers go through social profiles of their executive-level candidates as an unprofessional executive-level profile might put the company image down.
Hence, as a best practice, make sure your social media profiles are clean, especially LinkedIn. The details updated in your resume should match your social media profile.
5) References:
Having the right references can be the final piece that gets you your job.
Before going for the interview, compile a list of good references; their names, contact information & relationship are ready to show your potential employers.
Also, as a best practice, do let your references know in advance that you have listed them as a reference, so you have your permission beforehand.
6) Suit up:
You’ll be judged based on your appearance, given the level of the job. To get an executive-level position, you have to look the part first.
So, it would be best if you had a fitting suit ready so when you show up for the interview, you can display your talents, skills to the full and impress the interviewers.
7) Congratulations, you’ve got the job, now what?
After getting the new job, it is time to say goodbye to the old one, but what is the correct way to do it? You must resign gracefully.
It’s not even about burning bridges but a matter of moral conduct. Your previous employment, however it was, the basic level of respect should be there. By resigning gracefully, you’ll not only impress your colleagues but will also your new employers. Also, life is full of surprises, so it’s always better to keep all doors open as we never know when an excellent opportunity might come.

TopD Staffing can help you with your Executive Job Search.
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